Introducing the Media Bias/Fact Check Extension: Unmasking the Bias in Your News Feed!

Are you tired of navigating through a sea of biased news stories while browsing Facebook? Do you wish you had a tool that could help you distinguish between reliable sources and those that may present a skewed or extreme perspective? Look no further! The Media Bias/Fact Check Extension is here to revolutionize your news consumption experience.

Our browser extension harnesses the power of Media Bias/Fact Check Website, a trusted platform that has meticulously curated a database of over 6000 news sites. With its detailed bias and reporting analysis, we bring you a unique solution to combat the overwhelming flood of misinformation and biased reporting in today’s media landscape.

Here’s how it works:

The Media Bias/Fact Check Extension is your trusty sidekick in the quest for unbiased news. With its arsenal of features, you’ll become a more informed and discerning consumer of information, confidently navigating the treacherous waters of media bias and misinformation.

Install the extension now and let the truth shine through the noise!

If you find any issues with this extension, ideas of ways to make it better or simply want to discuss it, drop by our Facebook Page.

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We would greatly appreciate any donations you are willing to give (especially recurring ones!).  Maintaining this extension and adding new features takes a fair amount of time, and donations help encourage more benefits and features.

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